The ‘Fear the Walking Dead Teaser’ Trailer Is Here

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    One of the greatest parts of this seemingly informationless teaser trailer for the upcoming AMC spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead is that it reveals, once and for all, the tone of the show.

    It’s not going to just be new stories from a zombie-riddled apocalypse, it’s going to be a haunting look at the world before the virus broke out, and the fact that you know exactly how it’s going to end for everyone in the world will inevitably add a wonderful amount of drama and suspense to the whole thing.

    It will also be a refreshing look at some new characters, a different part of the Walking Dead world (in both time and geography) and a fun wait to see if any well-known faces pop up.

    Because theoretically, we could run into some currently-dead characters that we love from The Walking Dead while they’re still alive.

    Also, being set in Los Angeles, the tone promises to be completely different, filled with more cities and hopefully some zombified celebrity cameos.

    And if this works out, maybe we’ll see an endless slew of Walking Dead spinoffs with different emotional directions in front of the name like Hate The Walking Dead or a documentary a-la Warm Bodies called Pity The Walking Dead, or even a romcom spinoff called Love The Walking Dead.

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