Awful Bully Cop Yells At Uber Driver For Basically No Reason

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    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that all cops are bullies. I do believe, however, that the police force tends to attract a certain type of power-hungry, aggressive individual that gets their kicks from feeling superior to others.

    Now, how many times have you been honked at for something you felt did not warrant that reaction? Once a month, at least? You just know you’d love to be able to follow that guy (usually a guy) down and give him a piece of your mind. But you can’t. Because you’re a human being. A human being just trying to get through the day, doing your best to not offend anyone and keep the world spinning another day.

    But a police officer doesn’t have to do things that way. A police officer knows that he (usually he) can follow you and get this fucking close to your face and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

    It’s this type of brutish, unproductive behavior that local governments everywhere should try to stamp out of their police departments. It won’t ever happen, of course. Not completely. Again, if you were an angry, power-obsessed dude without the financial means to run for political office, where would you go? If you actually wanted to help people, you’d probably become a firefighter or paramedic or any number of other useful things. But, the police department provides a unique opportunity. The video above, thankfully, does not show the murder of an innocent or an unprovoked beating, but it does show the exact personality type that leads to those incidents.

    Let’s hope they’ve reported this guy – whether he will receive any type of discipline whatsoever is doubtful. Keep filming cops, everyone. The good ones will thank you for shedding light on their unhinged colleagues.

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