Google Turns Maps into Pac-Man for April Fool’s Day

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  • Google loves April Fool’s Day. The search engine giant always has something fun up its sleeve when it comes to pranks. And Google knows what makes a good gag: simple, clever and harmless. Of course, when you have the vast resources of Google, you can do pretty much whatever you want. Like turning Google Maps into a fully playable Pac Man game. Have you tried it yet?

    For the rest of April 1st, there’s a small black box in the corner of Maps. Click it and Pac Man will appear, wandering the streets that you’ve searched for, gobbling pellets and avoiding ghosts.

  • When you get your fill of playing Pac Man literally anywhere on the planet (though areas with lots of intersections work best), you can relax with a simple search at Google calls it a “change in perspective.”

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