Check Out the Brotastic New Trailer for “Bro World”

Literally every dude in comedy today is in this film
By Bailey Johnson
  • Dude. Bro. You have GOT to check out this new movie trailer. It’s, like, a bro-nucopia of comedian dudes. It’s got the bong-ripping buds from “Knocked Up” and the dirty dawgs from “Wedding Crashers” and the dirtbags who shat out “Grown Ups 2”.

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  • Seriously though, Above Average — the makers of this obviously fake, obviously April Fool’s, obviously awesome movie trailer — have been killing it recently. Not since Settlers of Brooklyn have we kinda sorta hoped that a spoof might one day be real. I mean, it’s got The Cheery Poppin’ Daddies and the Dads Who Pop Cherries.