‘Price Is Right’ Model In Shock After Giving Away A $20,000 Car

Hopefully they don't take it out of her paycheck.
By Jonathan Harris
  • You ever have that 2:30 pm feeling at work? That feeling when it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’re just going to figure out a way to coast through the day?

    That feeling is benign for most of us – worst case scenario is we send an email with two spaces after a period. On The Price Is Right, a 2:30 pm mistake can give away a car.

    That’s what happened when a model on the daily game show revealed the winning price of a car by accident, thereby giving the contestant an automatic win.

    To everyone’s credit, they couldn’t have handled this much better. Host Drew Carey announced that she had won the car instantly, and the model showed immediate horror at the screwup. Everyone in the comments thinks she’s going to be fired, but I doubt it. These shows are so cheap to produce, they’ll probably love the opportunity for something spontaneous to go viral. If this video gets more than 10 million views, they’ll have someone do this once a month.