Michelle Obama Breaks Out the Dance Moves for “Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2”

First Lady joins Jimmy Fallon for a shimmying and shaking showdown
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • When it comes to staying active, First Lady Michelle Obama always brings it. In fact, it’s the five year anniversary of the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign that brought her to “The Tonight Show” last night. She and Jimmy Fallon debuted part two of the “Evolution of Mom Dancing”.

  • In the best tradition of Mom Dancing, this bit features such classics as the Shush & Tush, the You Go Girl, and the Unsuccessfully Trying to Start a Conga Line. And it’s fair to say that Michelle Obama totally shows up Fallon. Sure, the Shimmy Twist is probably harder than it looks, but get it together Fallon! You’re working with a professional.