John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden, Talks Surveillance and Dick Pics

"Last Week Tonight" travelled to Russia to talk with America's most famous whistleblower
By Bailey Johnson
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a very funny show. It’s also a very clever, often insightful show. But is it an important show? The HBO series has made huge waves online, with Last Week’s YouTube channel regularly pulling in millions of views. John Oliver has become a master of discussing serious, often complex, issues in intelligent and entertaining ways.

    But for the most recent episode, Oliver and his team tackle one of the biggest issues in the world today. And they even take a trip to Russia for a very special interview.

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  • Yeah, this seems important. John Oliver, in classic Oliver style, points out right away that the information in this piece is really, really boring. American’s don’t care! Or do they? Many citizens may feel fine with the government watching and recording their communications. But replace “communication” with “dick-pics” and what do you get? Well, some very honest answers. And a very important piece from Last Week Tonight.