Kids Invited to White House Spot a Bee, Scream Their Little Heads Off

President Obama is no match for bees in the eyes of these kids
By Bailey Johnson
  • Children are simple creatures. Sure, sitting with the President while he reads “Where The Wild Things Are” sounds like a blast for some of us. But kids are much more easily distracted. All it takes is one little bee, and everyone starts screaming.

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  • The scene was Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll, an annual tradition filled with the promise of spring and the rolling of eggs. But of course, these children can’t understand that they were invited into the most elite halls of power for a face-to-face meeting with the President. Even as Obama, ever the diplomat, explained to the shrill kids, “Bees are good, they won’t land on you.” They continued screaming. Because they’re kids, and bees are scary.