Gay Man Called Westboro Baptist Church To Talk YouTube Comments

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  • Riyadh Khalaf is just a guy trying to get by in this crazy world of ours. He’s also gay, and he made waves online with a video of him reading Grindr comments about himself with his mom. That video is super cute and funny and you should watch it. The above video you should watch for very different reasons.

    One of the comments Khalaf received from his Grindr video was from a member of officially-recognized-hate-group Westboro Baptist Church named Shirely Phelps.

    How did the call go? Well, Shirely opens with “You are headed straight to hell.” But Khalaf does his best to have a real conversation.

    What do you think? Is there any point in talking to the WBC, or should we just ignore them? And while you’re thinking about that, think about subscribing for more videos!

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