This is the Hardest Rap About Burgers Ever Recorded

Goofy new track "Flippin' Burgerz" is about exactly what you think
By Bailey Johnson
  • “I don’t make music, I don’t make paper, I make burgers.” That’s as much of a mission statement as you’re going to get from Michael Fynne in his new music video, “Flippin’ Burgerz.” If you’re looking for the hardest burger-based beats in the game today, look no further.

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  • For the uninitiated, Michael Fynne is a Dutch rapper who first popped up on our radar last year. During our “Escape to Bonnaroo” event last year, Fynne was on the top of the chart for new artists. Unfortunately, the event was only for U.S. artists, but we’re glad Fynne kept in touch. Also, we kind of want a burger now.