The Avengers Cast Play ‘Family Feud’ on Jimmy Kimmel, While Drunk

"Typically Tequila doesn't play as much of a role as it will tonight"
By Bailey Johnson
  • Earth’s finest heroes were drinking Mexico’s finest liquor on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Then they played America’s oldest game show game (We have no idea how old “Family Feud actually is, but we’re going with “old”). The result is this hilarious video.

  • Is it weird to say that this entire game is surprisingly family friendly? Like, we’re not saying Robert Downey Jr. is a gross old man — he most certainly is not — but we’re kind of amazed how civil the Avengers cast remains during this booze-fueled competition. That doesn’t make it any less funny though.

    Also, if you can think of any other professions that wear tights, please let us know.