Runner Celebrates Win Early, Loses Race

Dear athletes everywhere, stop doing this!
By Bailey Johnson
  • Runner runs race. Runner is in first place heading towards the finish line. Runner lets off the gas, starts celebrating and playing to the crowd. You’ll never guess what happens next! (Yes you will, but you need to see it for yourself anyway.)

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  • The Pepsi Team Invitational was the site of this ignominious finish for one Oregon University runner. During the steeplechase, Tanguy Pepiot had a commanding lead going into the final stretch. The Invitational was held in Eugene, Oregon, so perhaps Pepiot wanted to play to the home crowd. What he didn’t realize was that Washington University runner Meron Simon was right behind him. Simon blew past Pepiot with five meters to go, winning the race.

    There is an obvious lesson here.

    “I think it was the first time it happened to me,” Pepiot told The Register Guard. “I’ll make sure it’s the last time.”