Student Finds Real-Life Doppelganger Online

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  • We all like to think of ourselves as unique snowflakes. Surely no one else in the world could have my nose, or my eye color, or my hairline. The reality, of course, is that no one is unique. We’re all human beings, part of a species that has existed for a long time. There is someone out there who looks and sounds just like you. Probably a few people, actually. For proof, look no further than the Twin Strangers project. Three Irish students turned to social media to find their real-life doppelgangers. One of the students, Niamh, found her twin stranger living an hour away from her. And they look identical:

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  • The three students — Niamh, Terence and Harry — gave themselves 28 days to find their doppelgangers using online social media. It took only two weeks for Niamh to find hers. Small world, huh?

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