San Antonio Spurs Released a Real (and Real Weird) Music Video

"Spurs!" by Spuran Spuran is your NBA playoff anthem
By Bailey Johnson
  • The San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA playoffs. And they decided to celebrate by making this weird, 80’s synth track called, simply, “Spurs!”

    The brainchild of Spurs power forward Matt Bonner, this track was inspired by another faux-80’s song from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, “Sports!” Bonner stars alongside fellow players Patty Mills, Aron Baynes, Kawhi Leonard and Spurs mascot, The Coyote. The mascot apparently doesn’t have a name, but this band does: Spuran Spuran. (Other possible contenders — and this isn’t a joke — include Spurkle Motion, Spurvana, Spurklehorse, and Silver and Black Sabbath.)

  • Check out the full music video below: