Michael Bublé’s BIG ASS Controversy

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  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Canadian crooner Michael Bublé is making headlines around the Internet today. (Not something that happens very often, if we’re being honest.) The singer is taking heat for what some are calling a controversial Instagram picture he posted.

    Bublé is seen standing in a hotel with a wry grin. But the action is happening in the background, where an anonymous young women is wearing short shorts. Bublé apparently felt the need to let the world know that #babygotback. Seriously, that’s what he wrote on Instagram. That’s not a good look, Michael.

    Bublé fans and Twitter followers were not exactly on board with the post. After Bublé tweeted the pic, people left comment. Many comments. Almost entirely negative comments. They can mostly be summed up by one person who responded, “that’s shamey and not very nice.”

  • What are your thoughts? Is the pic in poor taste? Would YOU ‘gram something like this? Is there ever a time when the hashtag #babygotback is appropriate? Let us know! (Also, the answer to the last question is No.)

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