Lightning-Fast Live Mashup Turns 100+ Songs into One Awesome Jam

"Marble Soda" uses over 100 unique songs and sounds
By Bailey Johnson
  • It’s 2015 and there are still people out there who say electronic artists aren’t really musicians. “They’re just pushing buttons,” they’ll say. “It’s all samples, they’re not making anything,” they claim.

    Well, guess what. Here’s a video of a dude pushing buttons and using samples. And it’s mind-blowing.

  • Shawn Wasabi’s “Marble Soda” is a live mash-up of over 100 samples and sounds turned into one awesome jam. He uses sounds from all over the map — from Ludacris to Drake to car noises to iPhone notifications. The result is this lightning-fingered dance track. As Shawn describes it on his site, “I’ve put together a live mashup using the Midi Fighter 64. Hundreds of samples and a bunch of neat melodies and sounds. I named it after my favorite non-alcoholic drink, Ramune, which is a bottled soda containing a marble originally sold in Japan. And that’s where the name “Marble Soda” came from.”

    Check out the full video below.