Amy Schumer Pratfalls in Front of Kimye on Red Carpet

She also joked about rape and showed David Letterman her vagina. Girl's having a big week.
By Bailey Johnson
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  • From shaking her butt in a music video to showing her vagina to David Letterman, crafting the perfect rape joke to making Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look awkward– Amy Schumer is having a big week!

  • (Yes, all those things actually happened. Schumer really is killing it right now.)

    Schumer’s latest trick was pulling a Kanye in front of Kanye at the Time 100 red carpet. Apparently Schumer asked her publicist, “Can I fall?” To which her publicist gave the only right answer: “I can’t stop you.”

  • But Amy isn’t just making celebrities look foolish on the red carpet. Inside Amy Schumer has another viral hit with their Friday Night Lights spoof all about rape:

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  • And then, um, this:

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