Chris Rock on Why Black People Don’t Watch Baseball

Short answer: it's un-cool and boring
By Bailey Johnson
  • Chris Rock is an unusual guy. Not because he’s an exceptionally gifted comic. (Though he is.) Not because he has years and years of hilarious stand-up material and hit movies. (Though he does.)

    No, Chris Rock is unusual because he’s a black baseball fan. There are not very many of those left. On HBO’s Real Sports, Rock explains why.

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  • Baseball attendance is declining across the board. The game just seems out of step with modern culture — particularly black culture. Once 20% of baseball’s audience, African Americans now make up less than 8%. And Major League Baseball doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Actually, they’re making things worse. (Having a throwback old-timey baseball game on a freaking plantation is not helping things.)

    Rock makes a lot of great, funny points in this excellent video. But basically, baseball is old, boring and un-cool.