Too Many Cooks + Game of Thrones = Too Many Kings

Your premise is solid.
By Jonathan Harris
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    You remember Too Many Cooks, don’t you? It was only five months ago, of course, that our brains were melted by the now infamous, oft-imitated Adult Swim parody of 1980s sitcom themes.

    Knowing the ruckus it caused in late 2014, it’s almost unbelievable that more parody-within-parody videos like Too Many Kings haven’t popped up more. Probably because it requires way too much work. Game of Thrones fits the Too Many Cooks framework better than any other show I can think of – about 10,000 characters, scenes of gore and brutality, and Smarf.

    The premise is so simple, it’s unfortunate that Alex Cohen falls just short of totally nailing it. I hate to criticize, since he squeezed every character in there, and followed the Too Many Cooks structure beat for beat. I would be in favor, though, of a Kickstarter for $5,000 or so to allow Cohen to commission a new “Too Many Kings” song, with updated music and lyrics. That would make Too Many Kings truly its own beast in the absurdist parody canon.

    Minor quibbles, though. A B+ is still good grade.