MIPTV: Jack and Dean’s Tip for Becoming Comedy Superstars

YouTube stars talk about their first short film, working with the BBC, and how to be funny
By Bailey Johnson
  • Shira Lazar sat down with Jack and Dean at MipTV to talk about the evolution of their channel and working with the BBC.

  • The duo were at the MIP Digital Fronts to promote their first short film. Backed by the production company New Form Digital, the short will follow two fake ghostbusters out to swindle the gullible. Odds that they start experiencing the supernatural for real? Very high.

    The short is a first for the comedy duo, best known for their YouTube channel and it’s nearly half a million subscribers.

    Jack spoke about the benefits of having a long-standing YouTube channel. “We don’t make videos all the time, we make videos every couple of months. So you can see the evolution of our production value and that sort of stuff.”

    When they’re not on YouTube, Jack and Dean are busy at the BBC, where the pair are presenters for Radio 1.

    “They brought us on because we are ‘down with the kids’,” Dean says of the BBC, while making very obvious bunny ears.

  • Shira asked for advice for those who might want to make comedy online. “Find somebody that you trust,” Jack said. “Even if it’s not a partnership, find some people that you trust … and talk to them about your script.”

    “This is going to sound like such a stupid phrase,” Dean said. “But you know when people say ‘think outside the box’?”

    He went on, “Look at really boring stuff and try and make it more interesting.”

    As for what their master plans are? They’re thinking small.

  • “We just want our mum and dad to be proud of us,” said Dean.

    Jack added, “I just want Dean’s mum and dad to be proud of me.”