Disney’s Baddest Villains…Have Kids?

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  • Disney Descendants | Arrive Trailer

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    You. Guys. Watch this, it’s a trailer for Disney Channel’s latest original movie. A DCOM that looks like it might be worth watching, something that hasn’t happened in probably five years – at least!

    Also, in case you’re wondering. Yes, I am a middle school child stuck in a 22 year old’s body. I may or may not be writing this post with a playlist full of Jump5 and A*Teens playing in the background. JUDGE ME FOR IT.

    This trailer is almost like Disney just hired someone to scour the internet for a bunch of villain fanfictions, and turned it into a movie. I mean, Cruella De Ville’s son is a sassy kid who’s afraid of dogs? To quote one of Disney Channel’s true queens, Lizzie McGuire..

  • Hilary duff dreams

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    The kids of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella De Ville are all being allowed to go to a different school because ADAM (AKA The Beast) AND BELLE’S SON MADE IT HIS FIRST MOTION AS KING?! I couldn’t have come up with a better plot if I was writing it myself.

    Also, the movie definitely has some impressive and surprising cast members. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Jay

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    Twilight fans might recognize Jafar’s son as Seth Clearwater from the Twilight franchise. Booboo Stewart is all grown up in this DCOM (And sounds a lot like Dante Basco. No? Just me? Okay.)

  • Descendants 612x380 0

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    Check out vocal juggernaut Kristin Chenoweth’s powerful cheekbones as Maleficent!

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    Kathy Najimy, or Mary from everyone’s favorite Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. Ascends the throne as your new Evil Queen.

    I honestly can’t wait for this movie to come out, and with this storyline and cast – I sincerely hope it’s worth the watch. I don’t think I, or anyone else for that matter, have been this excited (if at all) for a Disney Channel Original Movie in a very long time. Are you planning on watching? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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