Slow-Mo Underwater Dogs Show Off Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Learn all about canine hydrotherapy with the help of these pretty pictures
By Bailey Johnson
  • Science is important. But it can be a little dry. For example, there is excellent work being done in using hydrotherapy to improve joints and muscles in dogs. But the BBC’s Earth Unplugged found the nugget of entertainment in that informational fact, to give us what really matters: underwater dogs in slow-motion!

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  • These lucky dogs (both the actual dogs and the folks that get to do this for a living) are atGreyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation Referrals. The hydrotherapy center is rehab for dogs with joint and muscular issues as well as dogs recovering from surgery. A few laps in the pool offer these dogs increased joint movement, decreased pain and swelling, and can even ease chronic diseases like osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy.

    It also makes for some very pretty pictures. Slow-Mo dogs! Science! What a fantastic combo.