Watch What Happens When Molten Aluminum is Poured into a Watermelon

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By Bailey Johnson
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  • Some questions you never even knew you wanted to ask. Like, what happens when you pour molten aluminum into a watermelon? We have no idea! Fortunately we have TheBackyardScientist on YouTube to show us exactly what happens when metal meets melon. The results are, to use his words, an “awesome surprise.”

    The surprise is that the watermelon doesn’t explode. (Too bad, because we love exploding watermelons.) But it does result in a unique aluminum sculpture once the metal has cooled. The metal looks cool, the watermelon looks ravaged. How does it all smell? “Sickly sweet with base-notes of burning hair,” according to TheBackyardScientist.

    This experiment owes a lot to the trend of ant hill art: the practice of pouring molten aluminum into ant hills and displaying, or selling, the natural sculpture that results. We don’t think watermelon casting is going to catch on quiet as much. But it’s a fascinating experiment either way.

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