Important PSA: The Mashed Potato Vending Machine is Real

We live in a magical world
By Bailey Johnson
  • Imagine a world were you could get a delicious bowl of mashed potatoes with the push of a button. If only there were a machine that could handle the complex interplay between hot water, potato mush, and gravy. What a world that would be. Well, guess what? That world is now. The mashed potato vending machine is real!

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  • This 7-11 shop in Singapore is making dreams come true. YouTube user kkua1973 found this gem and immediately had to try it. The machine itself is a Maggi Mash Potato Dispenser. If the Huffington Post is to be believed, these machines are “quite popular — particularly in Singapore.” No mashed potato vending machines sightings have been reported in the states. But keep your eyes peeled. Because we live in a magical world.