Superhero and the City: Watch SNL’s Black Widow Trailer

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  • Let’s do a quick Avengers rundown: Thor has a movie. Hulk has a movie. Captain America has a movie. Iron Man has a movie. Black Widow? No movie. Hmm, interesting. For now, the only female Avenger seems to be the odd man out when it comes to superhero franchises. But what if there was a Black Widow movie? Would it look a little something like this?

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  • Finally a chance to see what our favorite superhero super-spy is up to when she’s not hanging with the Avengers. She’s got an apartment in the big city! A fashion internship! If only she could find love…

    Saturday Night Live does a great job nailing this The Ultron Wears Prada parody. And until Marvel actually makes a female superhero movie, this is the best we got.

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