There’s Actual Star Wars News to Talk About on Star Wars Day

Vanity Fair shoots cast of "Force Awakens", reveals villain's face
By Bailey Johnson
  • Happy Star Wars day, nerd! (It’s okay, you’re in a safe space, you can admit you’re a nerd.) (You did click on an article about Star Wars after all.) What started long long ago as a simple pun has become an unofficial “Let’s talk about Star Wars” day. So how are you celebrating?

    You have perhaps seen the Vanity Fair spread all about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Famed photographer Anne Leibovitz shot the cast. The most exciting shot is of the film’s villain, Kylo Ren, in the first picture of him without a mask. So now we know that Ren is in fact Adam Driver, best known as the on-again off-again boyfriend to Lena Dunham’s character from HBO’s Girls.

  • Definitely check out all the pictures here.

    You may also be regaling your nerdy friends with interesting Star Wars facts. Like, did you know all of the Star Wars movies have been released in May? And that Force Awakens will be the first film with a holiday release?

    Whatever you’re doing, enjoy! Nerd out! It’s Star Wars day, and May the 4th be with you.