5-Year-Old Perfectly Reenacts Bruce Lee Nunchaku Scene

The most adorable little kung fu master you'll see all day
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • The nunchaku seems like a very inefficient weapon. Two sticks attached by a chain just doesn’t seem very useful compared to, say, a sword. And think of all the training you need just to be able to swing them without smacking yourself in the face. Still, they look super cool. In case we needed a reminder of that fact, here is a five-year-old boy swinging nunchaku like a kung fu master.

    Little Ryusei is reenacting the scene from Bruce Lee classic Game of Death. (That’s the one with the iconic yellow jumpsuit.) Watch the screen behind him, he syncs up perfectly! Sure the nunchaku may be foam instead of wood, but we’re not going to mention that to Ryusei. He could probably stomp us.