Kim Kardashian Yelled At By Animal Rights Activists In Barnes & Noble

Her "Seflish" book signing was interrupted over her support for fur.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish was released this week, and if that phrase surprises you, keep in mind that the book is just filled with self-taken photos of Kim Kardashian, most of which appeared previously on her Instagram.

    Nevertheless, Kardashifans lined up at a Barnes & Noble in New York City for a chance to meet the author and have her sign their books. The signing was interrupted, however, by animal rights activists who called Kardashian “the most disgusting human being on this planet” for supporting the fur industry.

    The video was posted to the channel animalnewyork, though it’s unclear which organization, if any, was behind the protest.

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    Check out Jarrett Sleeper’s enthusiastic take on this topic below!

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