Competitive Eater Demolishes 18-Inch Burrito in Under Two Minutes

Matt Stonie attempts to conquer "burritozilla"
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Burritozilla. That’s the only appropriate name for the 18-inch, five pound monstrosity in this video. Only one man is brave (or foolish) enough to confront this behemoth burrito. Watch as competitive eater Matt Stonie attempts to consume the mighty burritozilla in less than two minutes.

  • We’ve feature Stonie before, and his over half a million YouTube subscribers vouch for his status as a major league eater. This particular video is actually a throwback to one of Stonie’s earlier works. He has attempted the five pound burrito challenge before, three times in fact. The first two attempts were fails, and on his third try he was able to polish off the burritozilla in about 15 minutes. Obviously Stonie has stepped up his game since then, and the results speak for themselves.