We Asked Professional Voice Actors What Emojis Sound Like

Imps are all "blaagh" and ghosts are all "blawwgh"
By Bailey Johnson
  • If you’ve ever sent the heart-eyes emoji to a friend a relative, you may have asked yourself: if that smiley face could talk, what would it sound like? Or maybe you’ve never asked that. That point is, we were curious. And as luck would have it, the talented voice actors from Talking Tom and Friends sat down with us to figure out what emojis would sound like.

  • Turns out professional voice actors — in this case James Adomian, Lisa Schwartz, Tom Kenny, and Maria Bamford — are pretty good at putting words in emojis’ mouths. Our personal favorite is still heart eyes, but we definitely learned some things. Like, the “information desk” emoji is kind of a brat. And the beloved “pile of poo” is a big ol’ goof.

    For the curious, Talking Tom and Friends is a web franchise from entertainment company Outfit7. It’s primarily a web series and app franchise. Check out an episode online and let us know if putting faces to voice actors changes how you feel about the characters. (We love finding out what the voices of our favorite characters look like. It’s just a thing we enjoy.)