Selfies, Food Porn and Pets: Smosh Shows us “Every Instagram Ever”

By Bailey Johnson
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  • How’s your Instagram feed doing these days? Still crushing those brunch pics? Have you burned through all of your parents old photos for #TBT yet? And, OMG doesn’t this dog look adorbz in his cute little hat?

    It’s no shock to say that a lot of Insta-pics fall into certain categories. You’ve got your food porn, your throwbacks, your obviously-I-didn’t-wake-up-like-this-but-I’m-saying-I-am selfies. The good folks at Smosh are here to sum up all up Instragram in four funny minutes with “Every Instagram Ever”. The channel promises this is the first in a series of “Every [Blank] Ever”. If they’re all as honest and funny as these, we’re looking forward to it!