Lily the Flying Camera Drone Wants to Follow You

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  • If drones are the future, then the future is very close indeed. The newest commercial flying robot making waves in the tech world is Lily, the flying camera. This sleek, shiny drone is able to fly itself in the air, following your every move.

    The flying camera is connected to a tracking device, something small that can be carried around. When the tracker moves, Lily moves with it. The drone will be able to shoot 1080p video and snap photos — audio recording can be synced to the tracking device.

    The modern-looking device is designed to be rugged, a good thing if Lily Robotics is expecting people to take the robot on extreme adventures like the video above. The robotics company, started by two UC Berkley students, began working on Lily in 2013, but the official unveiling was Tuesday.

    Does a flying camera drone following you around sound fun? Is the future finally here? Let us know!

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