Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea are Super-Powered Fly Girls in “Pretty Girls”

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  • When she’s not busy being the queen of Vegas nightlife, Britney Spears apparently takes the time to be a super-powered super vixen with fellow fly girl Iggy Azalea. That’s the take away from the music video for the pair’s new song “Pretty Girls”. The video is supposed to be a take on the 80’s film Earth Girls are Easy.

  • It’s safe to say this song is not exactly A-list Britney Spears material. And it’s certainly not up to the level of Iggy’s world-conquering smash “Fancy”. The more cynical among us might even say that this is more like an ad for Samsung than an actual song. But we have a soft spot for lyrics like, “Is it true that these men are from Mars, is that why they be acting bizarre?”

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