Amy Schumer Spoofs Every Female Guest on Every Late Night Talk Show

She packs a lot into one pitch-perfect parody
By Bailey Johnson
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  • If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood starlet make an appearance on a late night talk show, you will immediately recognize the beats in this pitch-perfect spoof from “Inside Amy Schumer”. Playing Amy Lake Blively, Schumer tells a leering talk show host “fun facts” about herself. Can you believe she’s more comfortable in sweat pants than a fancy dress? She’s so relatable! And OMG you won’t believe this, but she kind of used to have a crush on the late night host! Haha, so quirky.

  • If the Blake Lively reference seems a little on the nose, it’s most likely in regards to this interview between Lively and David Letterman. It’s basically Schumer’s skit in real life:

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