Meet the Amazing Whispering Dog

This clever canine knows how to use his indoor voice
By Bailey Johnson
  • Good news! It’s officially Adorable Dog Day here at What’s Trending. Sure there are problems in the world today. But if we only focus on the negatives, we miss out on all the joy life has to offer. Like adorable pets! Here’s a special double-feature of doggy derring-do.

  • First up is a dog who does not want to take a bath. Obviously this pooch, named Monk, is not the first pet to shy away from hygiene. But he’s so darn cute we’re almost convinced to let him off the hook.

    Then we have a dog who’s learned a new trick. You may have heard of dog whisperers, but here’s a whispering dog! Meet Brody, who has learned to use his indoor voice. This video has over 200,000 views in less than a day, despite being only 5 seconds long and being shot vertically on a phone — so you know it’s good!