Canadian Rap Battler Absolutely Eviscerates Opponent

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  • This is just brutal. Would you believe this guy is Canadian?

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  • Adam Ferrone, aka Rone, was up against Big T at a recent King of the Dot rap battle. Big T, if you hadn’t guessed, is a large gentleman and Rone doesn’t let him forget it. What follows is nearly five minutes of blistering put-downs that has the crowd going ballistic. If you’re not a fan of fat jokes, you’re going to have a bad time watching this. If you’re a fan of an eviscerating rap battle that backs some of the densest disses we’ve ever seen, this is a must-watch. I mean, c’mon, “chocolate sheikh” is just masterful.

  • You can watch the entire battle below, but you’re not going to find anything better than Rone’s scorched earth final performance.

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