Louis Virtel on the “Jeopardy” Snap Heard ‘Round the World

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  • Meet Louis Virtel, the Jeopardy contestant whose triumphant moment has gone completely viral. People are calling it “the snap heard ’round the world.” But what does LOUIS think of all the attention he’s getting? Well, we asked him!

  • It just so happens Louis is a comedian, contributor to HitFix, and runs his own YouTube channel. So of course we had to get him in our studio to talk about his sudden rise to viral fame. The first thing we learned, unsurprisingly, is that Louis is a pretty smart guy!

    “Unfortunately I have a disease where I remember everything,” Louis told our own Shira Lazar. Apparently this curse runs in the family: Louis’ brother was on “Jeoparty” two years ago.

    “If memorizing dumb things means you’re smart, then I am super smart.”

    Memorization is the name of the game when it comes to earning a spot on “Jeopardy”. As Louis explains it, the preparation for appearing on the game show involves tons of rote learning.

    “You have to watch the show all the time, you have to decide ‘I’m going to learn everything about Shakespeare, I’m going to memorize all the kings of England.’ And you have to make that fun to you, otherwise it’s Hell on Earth,” Louis said.

    But once he earned his spot, he made the most of it. How exactly did that snap come about?

    “Snapping is such an old school gay thing,” Louis said, “so I’m sure people were surprised about that.”

    But Louis had no regrets, saying, “You should probably have a snap in your life and I wanted it to be this one.”

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