Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Starbucks Prank Almost Back-Fired Until the Camera Guy Stepped Up

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  • Starbucks coffee is overpriced, average quality, and offers too many silly names. With those obvious and over-done complaints out of the way, let’s watch this video… about overpriced, decent-at-best frappuccinos!

    The coffee chain recently unveiled their newest offering: 10oz mini frappuccinos. In celebration of this new concoction, the good folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to help spread the word with a special offer. And by “offer” we mean, “pay $3 for this tiny cup of sweetened coffee.”

    The highlight of the skit was a group of German tourists. When told they had to pony up three bills for what they thought was a free sample, the group of women tried to get out of it by saying they didn’t understand. They only speak German, you see. Well, as it just so happens, so did the camera guy! You win again, Kimmel.

    We cover the whole bit, along with web reactions, with the help of special guest Flula Borg. See? We have German speakers too.

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