Swedish Man Scares Off Bear With Pure Brawn

Charging beast turns out to be nothing more than another scaredy bear
By Bailey Johnson
  • Here at What’s Trending, we’re all about spotting the hottest new trends happening online. So it is with great confidence that we declare May 2015 to be “Scaredy Bear” month. Last week, a suburban man had a run in with a bear that sent both of them fleeing. This week, we have another example of man-meeting-bear. But this one is way more intense.

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • A Swedish man, Ralph Persson, was walking with his wife and dogs through a beautiful spring day in Scandinavia. (Beautiful spring days in Sweden often involve a foot of snow, apparently.) Suddenly, out of the woods charges a scary-looking bear, who quickly turns out to be nothing but another scaredy bear.

    This bear didn’t know what it was getting into. Persson, according the original Swedish report on the story, is an experienced bear hunter and has had plenty of run ins with bears in the past. We’ve always heard that bears can be scared off by yelling and doing what you can to appear larger than you are. But we always kind of assumed that was one of those “last resort, probably won’t work anyway” kind of tips. Turns out, it totally works! If you’re a brave, brawny Swede like Mr. Persson here.

    Anyway, we’re officially on board with Scaredy Bear month. But they say three’s a trend, so we’ll be on the look out for the next bear video.