Dad & Daughter Bond Over Hilariously Inefficient Cereal Eating Machine

Because analog cereal eating is so 20th century
By Bailey Johnson
  • Here in 2015 we have smartphones in our pockets. We have all the world’s information at our fingertips. We have Uber. Why, then, are we still eating cereal with our hands? Surely some enterprising duo would’ve come along by now to free us from the burden of analog cereal consumption. Why hasn’t anyone created the the Ultimate Cereal Eating Machine?

    Turns out, someone has!

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  • Oh did we say Ultimate Cereal Eating Machine? We meant “hilariously inefficient and messy Mother’s Day gift”. The adorable father-daughter pair in this video put their mechanical know-how to work to create this wonderfully useless contraption. As proud dad Ivan Owen writes in the video description, “My daughter & I surprised my wife on Mother’s Day by inventing a machine to make life easier in the mornings! I think our plan went terribly wrong.”

    Or terribly right? Check out more of Owen’s inventions on his YouTube channel.