Chillest Dude Ever Reviews Flyest Shoes Ever

Brad Hill provides this perfect parody of unboxing videos
By Bailey Johnson
  • We don’t cover shoe news a lot here at What’s Trending. But sometimes we see a pair of kicks so fly we have to go to the experts and learn all about it. Like the Air Jordan XI Retro Legend Blues. Those sneakers are tight. And no one is more excited about them than professional shoe reviewer Brad Hall.

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  • Of course, “excited” can mean different things for different people. When Brad says, “I will wear them to my funeral”, we believe him! But it’s the monotone voice and Mr. Rogers vibe that really has us cracking up at this video. It’s a perfect riff on typical unboxing videos. Brad definitely seems to know his stuff too! thanks to him, we don’t have to wonder what the sole of these retro J’s tastes like.

  • Check out his YouTube channel for more Jordan reviews. For actual sneaker news, try elsewhere.