Chris Pratt Gets Drunk and Tries to Teach Us Acting Lessons

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  • Jurassic World star Chris Pratt has gone from lovable goof to blockbuster action hunk remarkably fast. What’s his secret? It could be his good looks, his natural charm, his work ethic, his sense of humor. Or it could be his exceptional acting ability. In this exciting glimpse into the actor’s craft, Pratt teaches us how to act. While drunk.

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  • What do you do if you’re at a Jamba Juice and you see a T. Rex? Pratt has the answers.

    This video comes out of Pratt’s cover shoot with GQ. The drunken advice comes courtesy of Fireball whiskey, which, according to drunk Chris Pratt, has the tagline: “Fireball whiskey. Drink it out of a paper cup. Don’t be a dick about it.”

    Words to live by.

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