Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Officiated His Biggest Fan’s Surprise Wedding

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  • Dwayne Johnson and Screen Junkie‘s Nick Mundy have a special relationship: Johnson is a super-successful actor and Mundy is a super-fan. The two have struck up an unlikely friendship over the years as Screen Junkies and Mundy have covered Johnson’s movies. As the clip above shows, the two definitely have developed a sort of chemistry. But there’s a big difference between “yea, I guess we’re kind of friends” and “I’m going to be officiating your wedding”. And that’s what makes this video so excellent.

    The seeds for this “Prank it FWD” were planted during Johnson’s press tour for Furious 7. Mundy jokingly (?) asked The Rock if he would be his best man. Johnson was… let’s call it “hesitant” to answer. Which makes the fact that he literally got ordained to officiate Mundy’s wedding that much better.

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