Who’s Getting FIRED From “Conan”?

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    Watching Conan O’Brien give staff performance reviews may just make you appreciate your own boss a bit more.

    In a segment from Thursday night’s show, the TBS talk show host went around to select members of the ConanCo Team to do employee evaluations, and ask his colleagues who they thought should be fired. (No surprise, they all pick Associate Producer and Noted Curmudgeon Jordan Schlansky.)

    Among Conan’s other brain-teasers designed to separate the wheat from the chaff:

    – How tall are you?

    – Do you think I look like a rotting melon?

    – Could you save me from a fire?

    To test this last one, Conan actually created a life-sized fire safety dummy version of himself. Like you do.

    Pretending to fire staffers is, for good a bad, not a new source for comedy on “Conan.” Just last year, inspired by the government shutdown, he scanned the office for inessential team members who could potentially be furloughed to save money. (At the top of the list? You guessed it… Associate Producer Jordan Schlansky.)

  • Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

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