Nutella Doughnut Burger is a Hazelnutty Monstrosity

"Enough Nutella to kill every dog that has ever existed."
By Bailey Johnson
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  • There are only two foods that inspire fanatical devotion from fans: bacon and Nutella. The boys at Epic Meal Time have covered bacon many, many times. In their latest video, they finally tackle the chocolatey hazelnut spread that has taken the world (or at least, Europe) by storm. But how do they turn what is basically chocolate peanut butter into something EPIC? Don’t worry, they find a way.

    Behold, the Nutella Doughnut burger. 88,330 calories of hazelnutty goodness. Giant Nutella brownies sandwiched between Nutella-filled doughnuts, topped with Nutella. Wow, that’s a ton of ‘tella. Or, as one Epic Meal Time bro puts it, “Enough Nutella to kill every dog that has ever existed.”

    And, of course, they put bacon on it too.