Stop Paying for Expensive Wine, It’s Not Worth It

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  • You like the finer things in life. You enjoy heirloom vegetables and classical music. You love to travel, journeying to exotic locales and experience the local culture and cuisine. You drink wine, but not just any wine. You have expensive tastes, so you buy expensive bottles.

    Because you’re a sucker.

    For the latest episode of “Observatory”, the folks at Vox attempted to figure out once and for all whether it’s worth it to buy expensive bottles of wine. They tested three bottles of red wine — a cheap $8, a medium $14, and a pricey $43. After asking staffers to try each wine and rate the taste, Vox found that people could easily identify with wine was the priciest. But it wasn’t their favorite. Tasters rated the most and least expensive bottles the same. This staff survey was consistent with a 2008 study which found that people without wine training — aka, the vast majority of people — didn’t care for the taste of more expensive wines. What’s more important is knowing how long can white wine last in fridge and keeping it at the correct temperature.

    Of course, here at What’s Trending we prefer our wine to come in boxes. Because we’re not suckers.

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