Is Kylie Jenner a Chemtrails Conspiracy Truther?

Jenner tweeted a provocative conspiracy theory that has the web buzzing
By Bailey Johnson
  • Professional famous person Kylie Jenner keeps a very active Twitter. As you can probably guess, her feed primarily covers clothes, hairstyles, episodes of “The Bachelor”, that sort of thing. But Jenner decided to get deep on Memorial Day, tweeting out an image of “chemtrails”. The image featured rhetorical questions about chemtrails, like “Who pays for this and why is it happening?” So is Kylie a closet chemtrail truther? Maybe!

    For those not in the know, chemtrails are the exhaust left by jet engines as planes soar through high altitudes. The engines heat the air, which quickly cools in the chilly upper atmosphere, leaving lines of puffy white vapor. You know how you can see your breath on a cold day? That’s what a chemtrail is. Except some people (Kylie?) suspect that this lines of vapor are in fact trails of chemicals (hence, “chemtrails”) that the government is spraying over the country to infect us people with… something. Mind control? Honey bee poison? No one’s quite sure what the chemicals are (because, again, there are no chemicals; it’s water vapor), but they suspect the government or Illuminati or whatever must be up to something.

    As conspiracy theories go, “chemtrails” are one of the most harmless. Also one of the stupidest. Because, guys, it’s water vapor. Chill out.

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