The Universe Is Telling You To Watch This Amy Schumer Video

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  • Obviously, when Amy Schumer set about making her new “COSMOS” parody, there was only one man who could fill in for Neil deGrasse Tyson as host: Bill Nye the Science Guy! In the sketch, Bill explains that, though scientists once believed the universe was just a chaotic, swirling maelstrom of stars, planets and gases, we now understand that it is a communication system for telling 20-something white women what to do.

    Guest celebrities demonstrating the fundamental properties of this new universe include Amber Tamblyn (as Amy’s gym buddy) as well as “Broad City” stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

    This is just the latest Internet victory for Schumer, who has been on a roll lately, with a string of hit videos coming out of the third season of her Comedy Central series “Inside Amy Schumer.” Earlier this month, she made headlines with a full half-hour extended parody of the classic courtroom drama “12 Angry Men,” featuring a slew of male celebrities in black-and-white, debating whether or not Schumer is pretty enough to star on television.

  • Inside Amy Schumer – Debating the Dildo

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    This is only a brief preview. You can see the full episode over on

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