Filmmaker Imagines Popular First Person Shooters With LEGOs

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  • If you find modern shooters too violent, but still want to see vaguely humanoid people blown apart… that’s a very particular craving. But believe it or not, you’re in luck! YouTuber Andrew McMurry has taken everyone’s favorite colorful building blocks and used them to re-create scenes from popular first person shooters. Want to watch Counterstrike: Lego Edition? Now’s you’re chance.

    Several mainstays of the FPS genre make an appearance. We start with classic puzzler “Portal”, take a trip through the snowy backwoods of “Skyrim”, take a dip in the underwater dystopia of “BioShock”, and end up losing a game of “Counterstrike” to terrorists. So, all in a good day’s work for your average shooter.

    The colorful LEGO people definitely add charm to these well-known settings. Watching their blocky bodies break apart will definitely put a smile on any shooter’s face. Except for “BioShock”. That underwater hellscape is scary no matter what the Big Daddies are made of.

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