Shia LaBeouf Inspires the Internet with Unhinged Motivational Rant

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  • Want to live your dream of growing a ratty ponytail? Shia LaBeouf says, “Just do it!”

    LaBeouf performed a series of short monologues as part of a collaboration with London’s Central Saint Martins arts university, and the Internet is having WAY too much fun with them. You can watch the entire half hour clip here and witness LaBeouf perform a variety of odd scenes. In one he is, apparently, a samurai. In another, he’s sitting on the floor with his legs pointing in the air. But the one the Internet has really latched on to is an unhinged motivational rant that feature LaBeouf screaming — literally screaming — “Just do it!”

    Check out some of our favorite variations in the video above. The TED Talk version is gold. As is the simple absurdity of Damn it Shia. They’re all great.

    Do you have a favorite that we missed? Are you totes motivated now? Let us know!

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